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Schools - yogathalam


Our highly trained facilitators conduct well-structured, educational, and empowering sessions for children of all ages. The children will deeply benefit from these sessions through team-building activities, helping in improving concentration and focus and overall performance of the child. Drumming and rhythmic movements greatly help children and teenagers in their creative expression, holistic growth, and development in terms of betterment of self-confidence, assertiveness. 

Benefits of drumming in children

  • Drumming helps in developing hand-to-eye coordination
  • Drumming helps in improving a child’s academic performance and sharpen their brains
  • Drumming helps in a child develop their social skills like self-confidence and social confidence.                 
  • To experience drumming and drum circles as a form of learning and recreation.
  • To create an understanding of djembe as well as basic concepts such as rhythm, body, and hand movements as well as gestures.
  • To elucidate an understanding between rhythm and movement.
  • Child development through fun, exploration, and with time artistic and technical excellence through djembe. 


 Our trained yoga teachers conduct educational sessions for children of all ages which will help in building important skills and overall health of the children. It helps in relaxation and serves as a fun way to relax as well as improve their overall well-being. 

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Benefits of Yoga in Children

  • Yoga helps in managing the anxiety of children and in emotional regulation
  •  Yoga enhances a child’s concentration and memory
  • Yoga boosts a child’s self-esteem
  •  Yoga helps in enhancing a child’s immunity and their eating habits get better.
  • Yoga helps with self-control and healthy behavior patterns
  • Yoga helps in introducing mindfulness to kids
  • Yoga helps to improve flexibility, balance and posture