What we offer to you on this journey

Yogathalam strives to use yoga and drumming to bring about holistic well-being and as a solution to your physical, mental, and emotional ailments. Yogathalam works towards personal and professional growth in addition to various attributes on development by equipping an individual with the various skills that they need to constantly achieve their truest potential.  

Our story

Yogathalam believes in the celebration of life and the oneness that we achieve through healing as a community. In a world driven by stress and the constant pressure to excel, the aspect of well-being is not given importance. We want to redefine the existing landscape through yoga and drumming which helps us align with the physical, mental, and spiritual dimensions of our inner being. We use yoga and West African Drumming to bring about various innovative as well as life-changing experiences and exercises, leading to personal growth and development.


Djembe is one of the oldest percussion instruments originally invented in West Africa and is known for its versatile sound. The word Djembe translates to "everyone gathers together in peace". This instrument plays an important role in the spiritual and ritual life of West Africans for many generations.
Djembe therapeutically helps in stimulating cognitive functions like perception, attention, and memory and group drumming especially reduces the experience of anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

It energizes and leads to well-being​

Drumming releases negative feelings and helps in attaining a state of deep relaxation

The power of drum circles

Boosts confidence and creates a sense of synchrony with oneself and their community

Improves communication skills, helps in team building, reduction of stress and anxiety.

Boosts your immune system. Improves Self-Esteem




Our highly trained facilitators conduct well-structured, educational, and empowering sessions for children ...


Is your college cultural which forms a major part of the fun in our lives around the corner?

Residential Complex

Let’s all come together, and utilize the benefits of drumming for fun, recreation as well as growing together.


We specialize in team building workshops, team building drumming...

Community Yoga

Yogathalam offers yoga classes to your community and our classes are customized for the group...


Immerse yourself in the beauty of drumming and yoga, which will transcend you to a...

About the facilitator

Thilakar is the founder of Yogathalam and is a passionate yoga teacher with over 3+ years of professional experience in designing yoga classes. He has completed an Advanced 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Sivananda and acquired in-depth knowledge about postures, breathing techniques, and spiritual elements of yoga teaching. He started his drumming journey casually from Gokarna then continued his learning in Australia and visited Ghana to learn Djembe from various African musicians and teachers. He is very passionate about coaching and has been the facilitator of various types of corporate and community events…