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Colleges - yogathalam


Is your college cultural which forms a major part of the fun in our lives around the corner? Do you want to organize a celebration which should be filled with happiness and jubilation? 

Yogathalam can help you celebrate any event to the fullest with an exhilarating experience that can be brought about by a drums circle. Bring your entire college together and feel a sense of community and an inexplicable sense of euphoria brought about through drumming. Let the harmony and sense of togetherness flow through your being as well as in your college community through drum circles!

We also offer drumming classes for colleges through various packages which will help in the development of personality, overall growth, team building, and betterment of artistic as well as technical skills.

Benefits of Drumming

  • Increased team cooperation
  • Developing better interpersonal communication skills
  • Creating awareness and listening skills
  • Uplifting energy thereby increases the ability to concentrate
  • Develops creative thinking
  • Emphasis on the power of the team but also the importance of the individual
  • Helps in the Release of stress and brings about harmony
  • Transcending differences such as gender, age, and ethnicity
  • And especially, it is fun and accessible
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College forms an important milestone in all our lives. There is a lot of pressure that student goes through as this forms an important phase of transition after which we land in the workforce. Yoga will help the students combat stress bring about better awareness and enhance their mental clarity and focus. We conduct structured and curated yoga sessions for college students which can be tailor-made according to the group that we will be catering to. 

Benefits of yoga

  • Yoga helps in instilling self-control and more awareness about the surroundings.
  • Yoga helps in the overall improvement of metabolism in individuals.
  • Yoga also helps in strengthening the core muscles of the body
  • Yoga increases energy levels 
  • Yoga helps in elevating your mood and boosts your overall quality of life. 
  • Yoga also helps in improving sleep quality.